Shawn Maguire wins MRS Fall 2023 Best Poster Award!

Congrats to postdoc Shawn Maguire for winning an award for Best Poster at MRS this Fall for his poster titled "A Butadiene-Derived Semicrystaline Polyolefin with Two-Tiered Chemical Recyclability"


Welcome to Christine and Masha, our summer undergraduates!

Christine is an REU student working on synthesizing and studying chemically recyclable polymers, and Masha is a Princeton EE student working on designing various devices for our 3D printing teams. We are excited to have them both join our lab for the summer!

Emily Davidson awarded SEAS Junior Faculty Award

Emily received the Princeton School of Engineering and Applied Science's Alfred Rheinstein Faculty Award. The award recognizes excellence in research and teaching for junior faculty. Congratulations Emily!

Check out the…

Kitty presents her senior thesis!

Kitty presented a poster on her senior thesis work in collaboration with Professor Paulino in CEE. Her thesis work used liquid crystal elastomers to thermally actuate an origami tube, along with theoretical simulations of the mechanics of the origami design. Congrats to Kitty for finishing a fantastic thesis!

Kirstin and Emily O. awarded NSFGRFP fellowships!

The Davidson Lab is very proud to have two NSFGRFP recipients this year! Kirstin Bode received the award for their project using polyglyoxylates as a model system to study the kinetics and thermodynamics of depolymerization in self-immolative polymers. Emily Ostermann received the award for her project on the effect of network heterogeneity on…

Callie wins DPOLY Poster Award at APS March Meeting!

Congratulations to our undergraduate researcher Callie Zheng! Callie was awarded an award for having the best poster within the entire DPOLY division at APS! The poster looks at the effect of small molecule additives on liquid crystal elastomer phase transition behavior.

Check out her…

Welcome to our new undergraduates, Jake and David

Jake is joining our lab to work on liquid crystal monomer synthesis, and David is joining our high energy storage 3d printed capacitor project. Welcome to the lab!

Welcome to Aimane, our newest postdoc!

Aimane joins our lab to work on a project led by Professor Moini (CEE) and Professor Davidson. Welcome to the lab, Aimane!

Welcome to Jiaen and Emily O., our new graduate students!

We are happy to welcome Jiaen and Emily O. to the Davidson Lab! We are excited to see where your research takes you!

Davidson Lab awarded funding for a collaboration with the Pradhan Lab at Jackson State University

Our lab will be conducting research towards a project entitled "Dielectric performance of polymer nanocomposite heterostructures for high energy storage capacitors" in a collaboration with Nihar Pradhan at Jackson State University.

The funding to support this collaboration comes from the Princeton Alliance for Collaborative Research…

Welcome to Ariana, our newest technical undergraduate!

Ariana will be joining our growing team of technical undergraduates working on a wide range of projects relating to our 3D printer!

Welcome to Kitty, our newest senior thesis student!

Kitty will be completing her senior thesis work in the Davidson Lab on a project on LCE actuated origami in a collaboration with Professor Paulino in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department here at Princeton. 

Welcome Ben, our technical undergraduate!

Ben will be rejoining the Davidson Lab again this year to continue working on several mechanical and electrical projects, mostly related to our lab's main 3D printer!

Welcome to our new graduate student, Kirstin Bode!

Kirstin joins our lab as a second year from the Chemistry department, and will be working on the synthesis and analysis of self-immolative block copolymer systems. Welcome to the lab!

Emily received the DOE Early Career Award!

Congratulations to Emily for receiving the DOE Early Career Research Program Award for a project entitled “Molecular and Network Design of Liquid Crystal Elastomer Elastocalorics”. This project aims to reduce the heterogeneity in LCE networks to make significant improvements in their unique phase change and actuation behavior. A specific goal…

Alice presented her work at the ACS MARM meeting!

Congratulations to Alice for giving her first public research talk, entitled "Utilizing 3D-Printing to Tailor Structural and Mechanical Anisotropy in Block Copolymers" at the Mid-Atlantic Regional Meeting of ACS!

Welcome Daniel, our summer technical undergraduate!

Daniel Simone will be joining us this summer to work on configuring many pieces of equipment, primarily relating to our primary 3D printer.

Welcome Callie and Lawrence, our summer undergraduate researchers!

Welcome to Callie Zheng and Lawrence Azzariti, two rising juniors in the CBE department who are joining us for summer research projects!

Congratulations Derek and Anahi for graduating and presenting their senior theses!

Congratulations to our lab’s first senior thesis undergraduates for graduating and successfully presenting their senior thesis projects! We are excited to see where you go after Princeton!

The Davidson Lab is a recipient of the Schmidt award

The Davidson Lab, along with Reza Moini of CEE and Sujit Datta of CBE at Princeton, have received funding from the Schmidt Transformative Technology Fund to support the development and study of a novel hydrogel and concrete composite material with hierarchical porosity, designed to increase water uptake and mitigate flooding in urban areas. We…

Welcome Clement Chan, our new postdoctoral researcher!

Clement Chan has joined our group as a post-doc after completing his PhD with Silvia Vignolini at the University of Cambridge. Welcome Clement!

Congratulations Alice and Zach for passing First Prop!

Congratulations to Alice and Zach for passing their First Proposition exams, making them our group's very first PhD candidates!

Davidson Lab receives Project X Innovation Fund Award

The Davidson lab was awarded funding for a new research project via the Project X Innovation Award. This new research project will focus on developing control over the microstructure of 3D printed materials at a sub-filament level by coupling reactive polymerization induced phase separation with 3D printing. We are excited to get to work on…

Welcome Colin, our new undergraduate researcher!

Colin Brown is a sophomore in the CBE department who is joining our lab as an undergraduate researcher. Welcome Colin!

Welcome Postdoctoral Researcher Shawn Maguire!

Welcome to our new postdoc Shawn Maguire! Shawn is joining us after completing his PhD in Russ Composto's group at Penn.

Welcome Princeton undergraduates Anahi & Derek!

Anahi & Derek, seniors in Princeton CBE department, are joining our lab for their senior thesis projects! Welcome!!

Welcome to our first graduate students, Alice and Zach!

Welcome, to our first graduate students Alice and Zach! We're excited to see everything you'll do in the coming years!

Emily Joins Princeton!

As of January 1, 2021 Emily is officially an Assistant Professor at Princeton University!